The internet can be a bit of an anonymous place to do business and you can never really know the people you are doing business with from reading a few words. So I thought I would introduce myself to you and tell you a bit about who I am and what drives me.


We've been involved in cricket for over thirty years. As a player, administrator and more recently a qualified umpire, I've got a huge amount of experience of the game. I'm surrounded by cricket all the time with two qualified scorers and county cricketers in my immediate family.


I have held several senior roles in retail businesses in my career and I'm now putting my experience into cricket.


In becoming a cricket umpire I found sourcing the equipment I needed really hard work. Sports shops tended to sell a coat and not much more. Where was I to get a run counter, heavy bails etc?


  Then it hit me. I should put my business experience and my cricketing knowledge together and offer a specialist shop where umpires can kit themselves out with all the gear they need. My scoring family members then inspired me to improve the supply of their equipment. So Cricket Umpire & Scorer Supplies was born. As the needs of the cricket officials increases more items will be added to my range, but if customers come up with suggestions for new products, please feel free to let me know.

The shop offers quality products from the big names in the game.

Our email address is info@cricketumpire.co.uk



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